Acuity - Clarity In A Complex World
About Acuity


There are unprecedented technology solutions and complexities when it comes to network infrastructures. IT costs range from the time spent to sort through products, vendors, and manufacturers; to the actual expense of operating and securing network operations. Our team of experts can assist with small to enterprise management of IT projects in any industry across the United States. IT outsourcing gives you on demand access to the latest IT designs as well as gives you access to the tools that help you better estimate the costs associated with those IT solutions. Our IT support includes designing and planning the infrastructure that allows your business to function, grow, and provide stakeholders confidence in your critical information operations.


The compass and our logo symbolize ACUITY's commitment to always provide clarity and the best direction in the rapidly changing world of technology. We founded our company on the principle that good is not good enough. Our mission is "to be the Best" with an acute focus on the end results that will directly and positively impact your business. The philosophy of our company holds true to one simple notion: find the vision, set a course or direction that holds to sound business principles, and then over communicate as we implement the solutions flawlessly. This is the foundation our reputation has been built on over the years.


In addition to helping align IT with business objectives, we understand that gaining and keeping trust is our top priority. The integrity of the company entrusted with mission critical IT operations is as important as the expertise in this field. Our company values serve as our compass, providing direction for all our team members so we may better serve our clients. As a Texas based company we follow the cowboy code of ethics: we take pride in everything we do, do what has to be done, hold ourselves to higher standards, make commitments, keep promises, and finish what we start…on-time and on-budget. This is why the ACUITY team has been entrusted with thousands of mission critical IT projects. Our values dictate our actions, and our actions translate into success. We believe that our success is measured by each satisfied client served and each successful project completed. Don't take our word for it. Read our testimonials to see what our clients have to say.

  • Honesty…is binary, there is no grey area.
  • Respectful…a common courtesy which is far too uncommon.
  • Trustworthy…fosters relationships.
  • Leadership…is binary, there is no grey area.
  • Mentors…listen, acknowledge, and offer solutions.
  • Professionals…operating with the highest level of integrity.