Acuity - Clarity In A Complex World


The coordination of IT infrastructure projects is a complex process. Providing clarity in a complex world is our focus. The success of any IT project depends on solid planning. Therefore we strive to make our project methodology as fast, simple, and efficient as possible.


  • Provides detailed designs, RFP's, and set accurate expectations regarding project scope.
  • Provides advice and education regarding the technology and hardware options available for network infrastructures in the form of advantages, disadvantages, and cost benefits that fit within your business model and supports business objectives.
  • Is an on demand outsourced IT resource capable of designing and managing entire projects or supplementing your team.
  • Understands how to coordinate IT project plans and client schedules throughout the architectural design and construction process and help ensure projects are completed on time with the correct IT design specifications. Install hardware too soon and there are problems, too late and there can be additional costs. There is a point for each vendor when installation is optimized. We have years of IT project management experience which makes us a great partner that can help keep projects at or under budget.
  • Knows that technology purchases are time specific. Buy too soon and you could install old technology. Buy too late and you could pay a premium for shipping and overtime for installation. We provide vendor management to ensure purchases are made at best time to get the best prices available.
  • Pays attention to the details. We have gained our expertise through thousands of IT projects and have helped mitigate risks and avoid pitfalls along the way.
  • Keeps the project on time and on budget (or under when possible).

This is the clarity we provide that ultimately saves money and time. That is why our clients hire us...over...and over...and over again.